About Us

If we say here is a product that is Sugarfree, Low Glycemic, Low Calorie, and yet simply delicious... wouldn't you be amazed? Yes, you read it right. Because Dezire offers, for the first time in the country, a whole range of Indian Sweets, Desserts, Cookies, Cakes, Squashes, Jams, Sugar Substitute and more that are 100% Natural, Sugarfree, Low Glycemic, Healthy and best of all... super delicious.

What is Dezire LG Natural

The wonderful ecstasy and sheer joy that sweets can give, can only be understood and experienced by those who love it. But do you find yourself restrained from enjoying this pleasure of sweets fearing Diabetes? Do you often feel despair over not being able to have a sweet even during special functions, just because you are a diabetic? Or have you ever felt you've had to sacrifice a lot of tasty food because you are Health Conscious?

Then here is sweet news! Dezire Natural is the answer for all your cravings and indulgence, especially for Health Watchers! Dezire LG Natural is a health focused brand of products that is Sugarfree, Low Glycemic, Low Calorie and yet simply delicious! Dezire takes its pride to be the first of its kind in the country, to offer a whole basket of products which are 100% Natural, well researched, clinically proven, best in taste (like the ones made in sugar otherwise) and suitable for people all ages, including kids, and health watchers. Our basket of products includes, Sugar Substitute, Jams, Squash (Drink Concentrate), Cookies, Cakes, Indian Sweets & Desserts and much more.

The Company

Dezire LG Natural from the house of Sundar Group is an organization dedicated to the field of nutrition with a keen emphasis on holistic approach towards life, bringing to one the goodness of Nature. Under the expertise from the field of nutrition and guidance from our Chairman Mr. K Ramu, we proudly have come out with a wide range of products, which are not only the best in their taste, but also safe and ideal for Health Watchers. All our products are Sugarless, Eggless & 100% Natural.

We have done years of R&D which has led to this range of Sugarfree Products and to ensure that there are no Differences in taste between Conventional Sweets and Dezire LG Sweets. In fact, these sweets are manufactured using a specialized technology and the company holds both a Process and Product Patent for manufacturing these Sweets using our sweetener.

Quality Certifications:

When it comes to quality, we ensure there is absolutely NO compromise. Our company holds ISO 22000:2005 & HACCP Certification from no less an organization than TUV Nord – A German Certifying Authority for Quality Manufacturing Practices.